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Psychic Investigators can deal with any type of paranormal phenomenon or activity. Psychic Investigators gives a theory about orbs with examples of orbs, spirit orbs and dimensional orbs in photographs

It includes fairy photographs, paranormal research and psychic investigations with evidence in photographs, videos and psychic art, spirit stories and past life stories. UPDATED 2014

light4A page is dedicated to energy lines, energy centres & energy line photographs. Left is an energy centre photograph taken during a psychic investigation.

jane[1](Left is a paranormal photograph of Jane during a clairvoyant demonstration showing an orb in her hands) The teachings from spirit and spirit guides are given freely on this psychic investigators web site to those who seek. God bless Jane McCarthy

blueorb[1]Award winning Psychic Investigators updated 2014. Approx 5000 - 7000 unique visitors per week. Go to Jane’s web page Psychic Readings UK to browse through her mediums, psychics and clairvoyants.

angel1[1]What are orbs? Go to web pages entitled ‘orbs, orbs 2, orbs 3 and Orbs & Dimensions to find out. See a moving orb on an amazing still paranormal photograph View paranormal videos showing orbs moving.

Click on the camera to see part one of a small film on orbs - copyright Psychic Investigators web site

shop1Julie is a very spiritual lady whose passion for the field of the mind, body and spirit lead her to open the Crystal Cave on line. Please click on the photograph of her shop in Killorglin, County Kerry, Ireland to read her blog and see her impressive web site.

Energy lines page shows how earth energy lines and energy centres can affect you. It contains, never seen before, energy line photographs showing the healing of an energy centre. Left is an blue energy line taken in the South Wales UK area.
Click on camera to see a small film on energy lines and energy centres - copyright Jane McCarthy, Psychic Investigators 2014

If you would like to report a UFO sighting in South Wales UK email welshmedium@btinternet.com or phone Jane McCarthy on mobile telephone number:- 07535346572

Article about Chris and Jane’s UFO experiences in Reveal Magazine comes out in the same week as helicopter swerves to avoid UFO in Cardiff, South Wales UK - see UFO page for details.

NEW BOOK - UFO CASE FILES OF SCOTLAND (Amazing Real Life Alien Encounters) by Malcolm Robinson available from www.healingsofatlantis.com - £14.99 see ‘Conferences’ for more about Malcolm Robinson and his book

Please note that Jane receives hundreds of emails and telephone calls monthly from Psychic Investigators & Psychic Investigations and although she tries to answer many in her spare time it is impossible to answer them all -  please forgive if yours is not answered.

orb3b[1]Left is part of an orb taken by Psychic Investigators on our latest Psychic Investigation (11) at the Studio Bar, Merthyr Tydfil. This psychic investigation NOW UPDATED TO SISTER SITE

orb8[1]New dimensional orb in web page entitled orbs (3) - ‘Your orb photographs.’ A big thank you to Janet for sending in many paranormal orb photographs - please see left for dimensional orb. Psychic Investigators web page ‘orbs’

partoforb[1]New Paranormal Video filmed in The Kooler’s Nightclub. Visit web sites Paranormal Videos and Psychic Investigations to read about this exciting psychic investigation and to see more orbs, spirit orbs and paranormal photographs.

Do you recognise this psychic art picture of a youth in his early twenties who died tragically in a road traffic accident whilst riding his motor bike. Go to page entitled ‘psychic art’ to see the bigger picture and other psychic art drawings.

See the amazing paranormal videos filmed by the psychic investigators on their psychic investigations at:-

Psychic Investigation (8) into Bassaleg, Gwent. This psychic investigation published in Fate and Fortune magazine. Louise sees the ghost of a young girl - what happens next? To read about this psychic investigation go to Psychic Investigations web site

orb6[1]To see the latest orbs, spirit orbs & dimensions go to new page entitled ‘orbs 2.’ Left is a close up of part of one of those latest orbs which I believe are in the future. New page ‘Your Orb Paranormal Photographs’

See fabulous fairy photographs taken during a church service and more fairy photographs taken in local parks in psychic investigators page ‘fairy photographs & fairy photographs (2)’

girl3[1]New spirit psychic art pictures along with little descriptions of the spirit drawn during a clairvoyant demonstration in Wales, UK can now be found in the new page entitled ‘Psychic Art’ in:-

New page entitled ‘Healing symbols in Psychic Investigators site. Read about the meaning of the healing symbols. Left shows a healing symbol of one pyramid on top of another and twisted to form the Celtic Cross - read what this means.

Read true stories in respect of Astral Travel, Relationship Readings, Telepathy, dreams, soul mates and a Near Death Experience. Photograph of Ann (seeker) who died on the operating table and survived to tell the tale. Read her ‘Near Death Experience’ in new web site:-

face[1]Go to pages entitled orbs and orbs and dimensions to see more orbs and spirit orbs.  Also new pages  orbs (2) and orbs (3).

The research work, orb theory, paranormal photographs and orb and spirit orbs photographs etc along with the teachings from spirit are giving freely on this psychic investigators site - to help support the work have a psychic reading:-

UK Free phone - 08000 670 335

The psychic readers are gentle, caring people who use their special gifts and intuition. Some are qualified psychic mediums who work in the Spiritualist churches. We offer psychic readings by credit/Debit card (all major cards accepted) which is a freephone number. Our credit card team are available 24 hours to take your booking. They will arrange the best available psychic reader or psychic medium you have chosen to phone you back on your landline or mobile number.

Psychic Readings 24hrs by Credit/Debit Card

headorb1[1]Left is a spirit orb paranormal photograph taken at a clairvoyant Demonstration at Newbridge Spiritual Centre on the 21st June 2007.  Photographs have been taken by Chris McCarthy during mediumship demonstrations with resulting paranormal orb photographs shown on this site.

angel3[1]Do you want to give up smoking? Let the ‘Smoking Angel’ visit you - go to page entitled ‘Spirit Stories’ and read the ‘smoking story’ - (spirit stories 4)

These four web sites are full of paranormal photography, orbs, spirit orbs, paranormal photographs, fairy photographs and paranormal videos and paranormal video clips. There is a new web site dedicated to psychic readings which include relationship readings, psychic readings, aura readings, mediumship readings and true spirit stories.

This amazing energy line photograph was taken on top of a mountain - see page energy lines. Jane (Psychic Investigators) will be speaking on the subject of earth energy lines at several conferences.

To see amazing paranormal video footage of a dimension opening up and moving blue orbs taken on one of our psychic investigations (1) go to Psychic Investigations web site - to see more paranormal video clips go to Paranormal Videos web site.

ufo[1]See stunning UFO photographs taken outside Pontypridd, South Wales - go to web page entitled ‘UFOs’ to see numerous UFO photographs and true UFO stories.

ORB[1]New dimensional page entitled ‘orbs & dimensions showing more orbs, spirit orbs, energy lines and paranormal photographs from Psychic Investigators.

Read about a regression into the past in page ‘past life stories’ in main Psychic Investigators web site.

Spirit orb photograph (left) was taken at a successful Psychic Supper at Porthcawl Spiritualist Church - See ‘Spirit Photographs’ for other spirit orbs, orbs & paranormal photographs taken that night

Police patrol car ran over the ghost of a monk - go to ‘Psychic Investigation 7’ in sister site to read the policemen’s story and our full psychic investigation EXCITING CONCLUSION

New web site now launched for psychic readings, mediumship readings, relationship readings & aura readings. There is a page for dreams, soul mates,telepathy which includes remote viewing with true ghost and spirit Stories including a Near Death Experience story and past life stories.

face1[1]Spirit orbs, orbs and photographs taken during the Aura Workshop in Newbridge (see example spirit orb paranormal photograph to the left hand side) - See web page ‘workshops’

orb13[1]A spirit is appearing out of the spirit orb on the face of a lady - see pages ‘orbs, orbs (2) orbs (3) or ‘Spirit Photographs 2’ for the spirit  paranormal photos taken during clairvoyant demonstrations.

This amazing paranormal photograph shows a moving orb arriving over Stonehenge. To see this orb paranormal photograph and other paranormal photographs from Stonehenge and the famous Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire click on the web page ‘Paranormal Photographs.’

orb5[1]Competition to win Psychic Reading Latest ‘orb and dimensions’ paranormal photograph - see pages ‘Orbs’ or ‘Orbs (2)’ for details of a competition to win a psychic reading from Jane McCarthy (page Psychic Readings)

The orbs, spirit orbs, energy lines, energy line photographs and paranormal photographs on this web site are taken by the psychic investigators Chris and Jane McCarthy 2014

Psychic Investigators page which include orbs, spirit orbs, orb (2), orb photographs, UFOs, fairy photographs, paranormal photographs, energy lines, energy line photographs, past life stories, spirit stories, near death experience story, spirit photographs, psychic readings, psychic art portraits and UFOs photographs.

Psychic Investigators into the Paranormal main menu web page 2014. Please note that psychic readings are for ‘entertainment purposes only.’

Paranormal photographs, orb photographs, energy line photographs and psychic art pictures copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2014