Animal orb spirit photographs                    (right photograph of Judy taken June 2013)

Look carefully into the orb and you may be able to see a little tan dog. This orb photograph was taken in a Spiritualist church and the Minister, Mr. Huw Morgan, recognised his dog called ‘Bella.’Huw stated that Bella used to run around the chairs of the church before and after services. Bella was a little black and tan terrier bitch and wore a pink collar just like the one shown in the orb.

Can you see a spaniel like dog with floppy years inside this orb? This orb photograph was taken on one of our psychic investigations in South Wales.

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I love this photograph. The lady who sent this in stated that it was taken on the dogs walk on the beach which was an old battle site. Thank you for sending it to me.

This orb photograph was sent in by George and shows his son with his dog Thank you George.


Left is a paranormal orb photograph taken of our dog Judy on the clairvoyant demonstration. Note the orb by the side of Judy’s tail. Below is a close up of another orb taken that night.

The story of the dog called ‘Becks’

David, who was a nurse, retired to look after his wife called Lynne. Lynne was a diabetic. To keep them company and to keep fit they decided to get a dog and went down the local dog’s home. They both fell in love with a little terrier bitch around one year old. However, when they got her home they realised everything was not quite right so they took her to the vet. It turned out that she was pregnant which came as quite a surprise. When the pups were born they made sure that they all went to good homes. However , they also fell in love with a little character puppy and decided to keep him. They called him ‘Becks.’

As time went by a great bond was formed between the human owners and their two terrier dogs. In the middle of one night Becks woke David up and would not leave him alone. Becks kept pawing his face as trying his hardest to wake him up. David felt an urgency in Becks and that there was a reason for this and looked at Lynne by the side of him and the reason became very clear. David shot out of bed and quickly rushed to get an insulin injection for Lynne who was in a fit/stupor. Fortunately, for Lynne her husband was a nurse and had the appropriate medication in the house. If David had not administered the insulin when he did Lynne would have died. God bless you Becks – you have certainly repaid this family for their love.

The Story of Beauty – Story published in Chat ‘It’s Fate’ July 2004

Beauty is a very special dog. She was nothing special in breed being a variety of many dogs – a mutt – but she was very special to me. Just before Christmas my husband, Chris and I decided to go down to the dogs home and get a bitch. We wanted a little dog to keep our Sam, a labrador, company. Sam was getting older and we thought having the company of a younger little ‘she’ dog would make his older life more interesting. We went to the RSPCA pound and looked at every dog but there was nothing that attracted our attention. We went to the Council pound where all the stray dogs were rounded up and placed and there were many visitors looking for their lost pets. However, there was one area where the dogs had been there for a very long time. These were the unfortunate dogs, the ones that were not wanted and no owner came to claim these lost pets.

Chris and I looked around and came to the last row where there was such a friendly dog who came out and jumped up against the wire of the cage, making such a fuss of us. However, as if to look at all the commotion, a little black dog came out of the small shelter in the end of the cage and looked out at us. I looked at her and in those eyes I saw sorrow, such sorrow. This poor little creature had given up on life. I could see it in her eyes. She came out looked up into my eyes, licked my hand and then went back into the shelter. That was it. That dog was for us. Poor Beauty, all the way home she shivered, frightened, upset, not knowing what was happening to her. She stank! That day she had two baths. Unknown to us this poor little thing was in season and Sam thought it was his birthday. We had to keep the two apart until Beauty had a small operation to sort her out. The vet thought she was anywhere between five and six years old and in a bad state.

It took Beauty a long time to settle down into a routine and wherever we went the dogs went. We had many holidays and many good times. Beauty was my baby. She gave me lots of pleasure over the years. We lost Sam when he was around 17 years. I noticed Beauty slowing down around the age of 17 and I knew she was ill. She had developed a cyst and the vet was not unduly worried but was more concerned that she had a heart murmur. She was old but still able to get around and enjoy life. One day I came downstairs and I noticed a light over her, a small spirit light. I have seen and heard spirit since a very young age and this was not unusual for me to see but never over the dog. We took a slow stroll in the park. We saw a boisterous dog and she turned to look at me. I heard a high pitched sound in my ear, this to me is sometimes the way spirit communicates.

Beauty loved sitting at the park bench watching all the other dogs and children playing. The next day she wasn’t on the bed. This was unusual as she would always come back to lie on the bottom of the bed until I got up. I didn’t bother getting dressed and went to find her. She was wandering around downstairs obviously in great distress. She looked at me and I could see she was in pain. I rang Chris to come home as she badly needed to go to the vets again. Just before Chris came home, she looked up from underneath the table and again I heard the high pitch sound in my ear. We took her to the vet and he couldn’t do anything for her. I didn’t feel anything, nothing.

I cried as I buried her in the garden and I cried the next day. I cried again the following day and I knew that this was no good. Where was my faith? I kept asking God, ‘please let me know that Beauty is okay.’ My prayers were answered the next day. I got up and decided to act more normal. I got the papers, stopped crying and sat at the breakfast table. I was sitting eating toast and was engrossed in the papers when all of a sudden I saw Beauty in my minds eye. I looked to where she normally sat and sure enough, there she was begging for food like she normally did. A black shape in the shape of a dog left the kitchen and then disappeared and I saw a small light spiral up the stairs. Wow! I see spirit but this was my Beauty and my prayers were answered.

The following week we went on one of her favourite walks and took a photograph. There was a blue triangle shape by Chris’ foot.  We have never had blue triangles before Beauty had died and wondered if there was any connection.

The blue triangle appeared in another photograph the following day, 50 miles away. I decided to blow up the image on the computer and I couldn’t believe it. If you look closely into the paranormal photograph you can see the ears.

Since these photographs were taken we have been getting other blue shapes and I think these are animals. In addition, a friend had taken a photograph of his table and was very surprised to find what appeared to be a blue shape with a tail coming from it. This photograph was taken of where his cat used to sit. It had died many years ago but he still heard the cat flap going in the door which no longer has the cat flap.

I saw Beauty many times as a black shape coming into the room and then all of a sudden two lights. I just knew that these were Sam and Beauty and that Sam was the light hovering over her the day before she died.

Our friend, Mike, comes out with us on many investigations and over the years always made a fuss of Beauty. About two weeks after she had died, he wondered and asked if he was ever going to see spirit himself. That evening he came over to see us and when he was about to leave I saw a flash of blue behind him. He then saw Beauty as a black shape run towards him. As you can imagine this was a shock to Mike as he had never seen spirit before and he stayed that night until 1.00 am in the morning still talking the experience.

This story is written in memory of Beauty who died April 2002. God bless you my baby, I love you.

Photographs and story copyright Jane McCarthy 2007

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