picture2[1]This story was published in Take a Break Magazine ‘Fate & Fortune’ edition February 2006. This is a true story and the names of the people involved have been changed.


dimension3[1]This paranormal photograph shows an object coming out of a circle. If you look closely at the top of the trees you may be able to see the circle. I believe this to be a dimension. Photograph copyright Chris McCarthy.

In 1988, aged in my early thirties, I started in insurance and joined a local firm in the claims department dealing with personal accident and motor claims. The job was interesting and the next two years were uneventful until the firm was taken over by a large multi national company. A new branch manager, called Ian Blackwell, was appointed from this new company. One day, as I was working on the computer, a young man around my own age sat down by the side of me and put his arm around me. You know what it is like when someone immediately invades your space you feel uncomfortable. Well, I felt like that. However, he introduced himself as the new branch manager and put me at my ease. I started to relax as I explained the project I was working on. All of a sudden as I turned to look at Ian everything had changed and I recoiled in horror. His whole body was charred and burnt. Ian must have seen the horror in my face and immediately withdrew his arm and left quickly. I was shaking badly, what had happened?

That night still thinking about that moment sitting at my computer in work with Ian I fell into a restless sleep and dreamt. I saw a plane in a bright blue sky and as the sun hit the metal of the wings it shone. The scene changed and then I saw a cliff. We were heading for the cliff!! We are going to Crash!! Watch out, watch out!!! Clock tower. I saw a clock tower and the time it had stopped. The time was ten minutes past five. The plane had crashed out of a clear blue sky into the cliffs and had burst into flame. Wow, I woke up with a start. The bed was wet from where I had been sweating. I gulped for air. The plane had crashed and nobody could have survived that crash. I always had dreams that had come true. I was well aware that I was psychic from quite young and also aware of spirit. This was no ordinary dream and as I remembered the previous day I started to panic. Was Ian going on a plane? Were they warning me to tell him? What should I do? You cannot walk up to someone and tell them don't travel because they are going to die in a plane crash they would never go on a plane again. What should I do?

The next morning I had decided on a plan of action. I certainly did not want to scare Ian but felt that he had to have some kind of warning. What would you have done? I was friendly with his secretary who was a chatty individual and I knew that it would probably get back to him. In life, we have personal responsibility and I knew I could not keep quiet over this as I would never forgive myself if anything did happen. Unfortunately, at the end of the day I was the joke of the office. All the boys were going ten past five to me and laughing. I am quite sensitive and I don't think there were many who knew I was dying of embarrassment that day. It was not long after that incident I was made redundant.

All through my life, I knew that spirit had looked after me and I pay attention to little coincidences. Not long after that incident I joined another insurance broker as a claims manager and settled down. However, I was also on my spiritual pathway and regularly had a circle of friends in my house who I was helping and guiding along this pathway. I had since my early twenties undertaken psychic and spiritual readings and this circle of friends enjoyed learning about working and meditating with spirit. It was almost four years later that I was to be reminded about the incident with Ian Blackwell.

Penny, a friend I had know for many years, telephoned and asked if I could give a psychic reading for someone. Penny and I had become close over the years as I was helping and guiding with her spiritual awareness. This someone turned out to be a very good friend of hers, called Phillip. When Phillip and Penny arrived at the house I took one look at him and shivered. When spirit come in close they give me that little shiver as if to say this is important and take notice. They give little messages and when you have got it correct it goes right through you as if someone has walked all over your grave. I got that with Phillip. I sat him down and got out my sketch pad. Over the years I had developed working with spirit through the media of psychic art. I started to draw. On one side of the valley were two mountains and one was slightly higher than the other. At the bottom of the valley there was a town which was split in the middle by a river. I drew a bridge which crossed over that river and joined the two parts of the town - see photograph of Stravanger below.

stravanger[1]On one side of the mountain there was a church which appeared to be half way up. I started to draw little crosses outside the church like these were graves but they didn't seem to be and I was so engrossed in these little crosses that I didn't notice Phillip at all. Finally, confused I looked at him and said,

'Not sure what this means?'

He was as white as a sheet. I put the sketch pad down. This was serious. Phillip started to explain.

'They are coffins, children’s coffins.’ he said softly.

Apparently, in the 1960s he attended a school which arranged a trip abroad. His parents were not wealthy and although his best friend was going they could not afford for him to go. Phillip was very upset at being left behind. Approximately, 130 children and teachers got on a plane to go on holiday but they never arrived at their destination. The plane crashed into the side of a cliff. There was no reason for the crash as it was a clear blue sky. What I had drawn was the very picture that this town had given the school as a memory of that tragic day. As far as Phillip was aware this picture still hangs in the school. As I am writing this I can feel all the shivers going down my spine.

'I never saw my best friend again.' stated Phillip clearly upset.

'What was his name? I asked him.

'Ian Blackwell.' he replied.

Now it was my turn to go white. I had not heard that name for years. I turned to him and explained my side of the story. We looked at each other in amazement. If you think this is the end of the story - no. This was the beginning.

The next part of the story is unbelievable. A few years had now past and I had forgotten Phillip and Ian Blackwell. I was working on my spiritual pathway by giving talks at conferences, clairvoyant demonstrations and undertaking church services. One night, I had one of the most vivid dreams and woke up with a start. In the bedroom by the side of me was a tall, male figure surrounded with light. I have seen spirit since young but this was different. There was no colour in the figure he was transparent. I was not scared as if reassured it was okay. The story unfolded.

This part of the story I will leave up to you to decide but it is the truth of what I was told. This 'being' explained that he was from the fifth dimension and that travel from one place to another was normal through tunnels like dimensions. When they emerge through the tunnels and come out, say in the third dimension, they materialize. On this occasion, their craft when materializing out of the tunnel had knocked a plane out of the sky which crashed into the side of a mountain. As they are very spiritual beings they took charge of the souls of the children and teachers that had physically died and through the years placed their souls back into families where they would be taught the spiritual way of life. This 'being' told me that these souls would be looked after by them as if to repay for what they had done in the past. They hoped that in the future they would hear this story and find it in their hearts to forgive them.

This happened years ago but now wherever I go someone comes up to me and tells me I have a story to tell them about children. I always feel the shivers go right through me when I tell them this story. I have met many of the parents and children and the strangest part of all they know it. I went into my local off license as my two dogs used to love a fudge bar. Carol who worked there always made a big fuss of the dogs. Carol's daughter, Dawn, had just started to work with her mother in the evenings in the shop. Dawn is a beautiful girl and as I looked into her face when I first met I felt spirit around us.

'I know you have a fear of flying and there is no reason for it. I know where it comes from.' I said.

'How do you know that?' she replied in amazement.

I turned to her and said I have a story to tell you and this time we both felt the shivers of spirit confirmation go right through us. Carol and Dawn have remained good friends to this day.

After a lot of soul searching I decided in the end to write this true story. I feel that spirit had shown me all of this for a very good reason and it was not my decision to question that but purely to present the facts as given to me. It is a story that has run through seventeen years of my life and has played a very big part and a lot of upset for me including I believe the loss of a job. To record this story has been a hard thing to do and I can only give my utmost condolences to the families and friends who lost their loved ones in this crash. My heart goes out to them over their loss.

Remember the deeds of today will bring the spiritual joys and sorrows of tomorrow

Conclusion - Research work undertaken July/August 2005

In 2001, I wrote to the newspapers in Norway where Phillip said the crash had happened to get some facts about this tragedy but I never heard back from them and I forgot about the story for another four years. However, when I spoke to a journalist friend of mine about this story she said she would speak to someone who she knew could help. I wrote back to her telling her the crash happened in Stravanger in Norway and amazingly she found it. I received a reply stating it happened close to Stravanger in 1961. I searched on the date and found a report.

What was striking to me was that the time was registered as 5.30pm on an August day. In the dream, I had seen the clock tower giving the time as 5.10pm. As this was summer and I had seen the glint of the sun on the wing I knew it was the afternoon and not the morning. Out of 24 hours the crash time was only 20 minutes out - it had to the one. However, the numbers were different and I needed more proof. I searched on all the schools in the area where Phillip lived to no avail and gave up. Penny came to tea on the 17th July 2005 and I told her of the results so far. In the course of the conversation it dawned on both of us I was searching in the wrong area. Phillip had moved and originally lived in Croydon. After Penny had left I searched on Croydon and I found the school. Apparently, due to high winds the plane was off course and may be the reason why there was a collision. Recently, I searched on that year and I found a report from the BBC giving details.

I received an email from my journalist friend who now had a list of the names of the people killed in this plane crash and did I want a copy? I waited with bated breath for the list thinking finally I could put this story behind me. When the list came back Ian Blackwell’s name was not on it. I was so disappointed. I feel that I have to be patient and wait for the next episode of this story. I have noticed that spiritual stories are never quite over always we are given a little more in time. I will post updates in the future as I feel I must visit Croydon.

Whilst undertaking a reading for a beautiful spiritual lady I saw that she had a fear of flying which she confirmed. It transpires that she had decided to undertake a cruise with her boyfriend in Norway. I told her about the story and both of us felt the shivers of spirit around us as we talked. This lady had a childhood friend who she was very close to but hadn’t heard from for approximately three years. In the reading, I saw him as a soul-mate who was in and out of a blue uniform.

Soul-mates do not necessarily marry they have been for example, mother, brother, sister, father etc to each other in previous lives. Sometimes they meet to resolve issues from previous lives. Who better for this lady to meet but a pilot to overcome her fear of flying. The lady confirmed that he was in the RAF and now a commercial pilot and he had already offered to help her overcome her fear. This soul-mate I felt was part of this story as well as her boyfriend. Spirit confirmed this by giving me the biggest shivers that went through my body like a bolt of lightening. The lady felt this too and asked for the list of names of those who were lost in this plane crash. It transpires that her boyfriend’s name is on that list. Some people are not lucky enough to meet one soul-mate. This lady had two around her.

After the reading, the lady confirmed that she had a wonderful confirmation from spirit that she had never experienced before. In the middle of the reading she had a break and coming back to her chair she saw little stars and asked me what they were. These I see all the time - little spirit lights.


I received an email from Sue, Fate and Fortune Magazine, stating that the name of the mountain is called Holtaheia. Sue has been wonderful in assisting me in finding out more of the details of the crash and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her kind help. More of the details will come out in the story to be published in their edition February 2006 out in January 2006.

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Story copyright Jane McCarthy 2005 & 2006

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