fairy5[1]Fairies can be described as mythical beings having magical powers. However, this fairy seemed to be giving Eve a message as she was just by her ear holding on to a stand of hair. Everybody was really surprised to see this little fairy except Eve.

In the following two paranormal fairy photographs it shows a green light which many have called a fairy. It certainly was playing with us in the front room. A candle down by the fire place is not lit.

fairy4_copy[1]   fairy7[1]


The paranormal fairy photograph below was taken Christmas Day 2002 and the picture by the right hand side is a close up of the green light. It certainly looks like a fairy as you can clearly see the wings.

fairy61[1]   fairy51[1]

I like to think that this was our Christmas present from the fairy world on a special day. If you believe in Angels and Fairies then maybe they will show themselves to you. However, my husband still remains a skeptic. The following paranormal photographs show a green orb and a close up of the orb.

Green_farie[1]  greenorb3[1]



ORBMOVING[1]I am not sure whether this is a fairy photograph as it looks more like an elf but it does prove that it is not light as the orb is moving in the second paranormal photograph. These paranormal photographs were taken in a very special area of woods that have not been touched for centuries. I have also had many other strange and wonderful paranormal photographs taken in the same place over the years.

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