Fourth Irish International UFO Conference


(From left to right - Dr. Norma Milanovich (U.S.A.), Betty Meyler, Jane McCarthy and Ellis Taylor) 22nd/23rd September 2007

Organised by UFO SOCIETY IRELAND President Betty Meyler


This conference was a great success - paranormal photograph above shows Jane speaking - notice the large orb on her head.

David Coggins (UK)

David is a hypnotherapist who over the past 20 years has done regression hypnosis on people who have had UFO experiences, with remarkable results. He will be showing some extraordinary tapes showing what people have revealed whilst under hypnosis. He has appeared on DVDs with Budd Hopkins who resides America. To learn more about David who is featured on the web site His Presentation will be entitled - UFO Abductions - the Reality

Paola Harris (Italy)


Paola and Malcolm on the boat trip. These two gave fantastic presentations.

Paola is an internationally recognised UFO researcher who divides her time between Italy and America and she recently featured in the 'Fastwalkers' documentary which provides astounding revelations by the world's foremost UFO authorities and shows some amazing footage which - you were not meant to see!! Her Presentation will be entitled - "How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light?"

Jane McCarthy (UK)

Jane has done over 20 years of research work which proves the connection between energy lines, orbs, dimensions and UFOs. She has had many close contacts with UFOs and she will be showing the best of thousands of paranormal photographs which have been taken over the last six years of energy lines, orbs, dimensions and UFOs. In addition, paranormal video clips from her psychic investigations. Her Presentation will be entitled "Understanding the Bigger Picture, and What Is To Come"


Norma channels the Arcturians and is the co-author of three highly regarded books- 'The Light Shall Set You Free', 'We the Arcturians' and 'Sacred Journey to Atlantis' . To learn more about Norma you can visit her web site


Malcolm the founder member of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) which carries out much active UFO & Paranormal research. He will be showing numerous photographs taken from around the world which claim to show 'alien' life forms, including 'The Alien in the Attic', 'The Chile Demon' and 'The Arctic Alien', amongst others. His presentation will be entitled ‘Alien Photographs (alleged photos of Alien Beings)’

Malcolm, when you go to America please give the presentation on the Lockness Monster - that is an unbelievable talk and one Chris and I will never forget - America will love it!

Malcolm has now given a talk in Nevada, America. This is such a large arena and a wonderful new beginning for Malcolm.

He has now written a book entitled ‘UFO Case Files of Scotland (Amazing Real Life Alien Encounters)’ shortly available from Malcolm is a UFO and Paranormal Researcher and has written about his expertise and ‘hands on’ approach with thirty of his cases. A must for those who love something different.


Ellis throughout his life Ellis has interacted with otherworldly Beings and journeyed to their domains. He is recognised by several other mediums as a rare and remarkably ancient soul whose purpose for his current sojourn to this realm is to share the wisdom of his tutors and his ancestors, as well as his own sophisticated philosophy. To learn more about Ellis you can visit his website His Presentation will be entitled - "The Door To Everywhere

Ellis is talented and a wonderful person one you will never forget - a true gentleman.


Breege is passionate about developing 'extraordinary mind'. She is excited to have discovered that extraordinary human abilities such as levitation and bi-location can be explained in scientific terms. Her presentation will focus on the properties of Electro-magnetic fields and frequency. She will present a slide show of orb photographs taken in her back yard and shed some light on the Orb phenomena.
Her Presentation will be entitled
"U as a UFO".

Another talented lady. I hope to meet up with you and your partner again.


Yvonne[1]Yvonne the internationally well known female Hypnotherapist dealing with abductees, she received so many referrals from M.Ds and psychiatrists of patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder relating to their descriptions of alien encounters that she has now founded the support group 'Close Encounters Resource Organisation' (CERO). To learn more about Yvonne you can visit her website
Her Presentation will be entitled -
"The Worlds Around Us - Explorations Through Hypnosis
(Photograph of Yvonne taken on the boat trip) This lady one day is going to be very famous.

th_11_big[1]Our love and prayers go out to Betty who was a very special lady who passed to spirit in 2010. She will always be remembered with great fondness and for all her work undertaken in bringing forward new information in respect of UFOs through her research work and her popular conferences.

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