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Aura Psychic Readings

aura3[1]02The aura system contains all the colours of the rainbow but we normally work with three. One going in, one going out and one constantly there. The aura changes all the time. When we undertake a learning curve in life or study or coursework it shows in the aura as the colour silver. Therefore, there may be more than the designated three colours as silver will bring in the learning curve. Left is a aura photograph of Jane showing the three colours in the aura system.

Prism[1]02If you can imagine that there are thousands of different colour blues but the one that comes in with the silver is the learning curve, for example, it could be sky blue, so the learning curve in this instance is communication. This could possibly represent the learning curve as computers as if it was to become a counsellor then the colour would be purple. Above, is an aura photograph taken by kirlian photography showing the three colours in the aura system.

guide102Spirit guides have taught me the colours and in my psychic readings I have noticed that four colours represents a mini crossroads in life maybe one or two slight changes. Five or six colours represents a major crossroads and seven or more I call a ‘Growth Year.’

‘Growth Years’

Growth years are major life events and only usually occur in a person’s life two or three times. It is when people reinvent themselves and this represents a growth year which in time could be more than twelve months. It is a period of time and each and every person is different so it may take one person twelve months but it will take another two years. It is the time when teenagers grow to adulthood and sort out their life for the future. I have noticed that people have growth years middle age ie menopause time. Remember that nothing in life is wasted all that you learn you can take into the next career as I have noticed that people tend to come to a full stop and completely change direction in all aspects of their life. Remember that you have free will and nothing is completely set as you can change it.

changing_colors[1]02In growth years relationships are underneath a microscope and anything wrong is going to be magnified. This is a time of endings and new beginnings but does not necessary mean the relationship is going to end but it cannot stay the same. The secret is change as no one stands still in a growth year. Therefore, people can marry, divorce have babies in growth years. If there are problems in the relationship it may be a make or break time. If the relationship is stale it is time to change it and make it stronger. When I tune into someone I see all the colours around them - remember that there are thousands of different colour red and each one is slightly different to the next variation. The aura will show your talents and it may not be the work that you are doing at present but once I have tuned into you I can literally look into your work situation.

th_32_big[1]02The same with relationships, I can see where you are at the present time and once I have tuned into you and you know it I can tune into the men/women around you.

This makes it very interesting because the auras around you are usually romantically linked but once I have tuned into them I see things from their point of view and not yours. Over the years, I have had some surprises. Once in the partner’s aura you can ask as many questions as you like but please remember the answers are from your partner’s point of view. It builds up a story for me on the relationship. I do not judge and I cannot tell you to do anything as it is always your decision. I always work in the past or present as sometimes, especially in soul mate relationships, there could be past life karma between the two people and that is why they have come together to put something right that was done wrong in the past. Maybe there is karmic debt or credit between the two people and once this is sorted out the two can part.

Aura Psychic Readings - Career

In the aura system it shows your talents and what kind of career would suit you. I have noticed, for an example, that people who have the two colours of pink and lilac combined seventy percent are healers, carers, nurses or doctors. The pink shows a caring person who is sensitive and likes to help people. The lilac represents an understand of the karmic law ’what goes round comes round.’ Therefore, these people usually help others and put others first in a caring way. Add the colour blue to this of communication then you have someone who likes to help others but from a communication point of view. This is a typical customer service person’s aura.

Aura psychic readings - past lives

People who have opened the door to their spiritual side often meet people who are connected to them - please see webpage ‘soul mates.’ In addition, they are drawn to places that are also connected to them. I have noticed that in spiritual aura psychic readings past lives crop up because maybe this lifetime the person has come back to undertake something that was wrong in the past in order to put it right this time.

On one occasion, a young lady asked for a psychic reading as she wanted to choose between two men that she loved. She really did not want to lose either of them. I noticed that both the men were soul mates and part of the same soul group. Soul mates have been mother, brother, father, sister daughter in other words all things to each other in past lives. I saw that this time they had come back to help her through a past life issue. She had crashed in a plane and they wanted to help her overcome her fear of flying. I explained this to her and she said.

‘Strange both the men are pilots and I have a fear of flying.’

lady302   man502


Above, left, is a psychic art drawing of a guide. Our spirit guides can come through in aura psychic readings to give valuable information on the person’s spiritual development and knowledge of past lives when the time is appropriate especially when the person is undergoing a learning curve in life. Above, right, is another example of a psychic art portrait undertaken at the same time for the same person and was a member of her family.

Psychic Art Portraits copyright Jane McCarthy 2012

Relationship Psychic Readings

th_121_big[1]02How can you truly love anyone until you love yourself.

Relationship psychic readings are my favourite. I must have undertaken thousands of these types of psychic readings over the years. I don’t think anything will now surprise me but you never know. One of the main problems is communication. Perhaps, one side is in the wrong and doesn’t want to listen and runs away. No one likes to admit they are wrong and it is easier to bury your head in the sand rather than face a situation. However, I have learnt - no one is perfect and I do not judge as there by the grace of God go I.


If you feel that your partner is not listening to you or selective listening that is listens to what he or she wants to hear then - STOP.

I have noticed that when this happens one of two things can happen 1) one partner strops out 2) tempers are raised and things are said that are not meant so please - STOP.

The best solution to the problem is to write things down in a letter. I have said this to many and it does work. There is no need to have a go at the partner in the letter just write down how you feel and ask for a letter in return of how they feel.

Make sure that every word is positive and counts. Most relationship problems are caused by miscommunication.

For Example

In a recent psychic reading a young lady was convinced her partner was having an affair. He was always looking at women and there were constant rows on the subject and they were close to breaking up. Anyone listening to this young lady would have agreed with her. However, I work with the aura system which is the energy system around your body. This contains all the colours of the rainbow but we normally work with three - one going in, one going out and one constantly there. The aura changes all the time depending on what you are doing in life and more colours come into the energy system.

Once I have tuned into your aura I can see the past, present and what you have intended to do for the future.

I could see that this young lady had a previous broken heart from someone who hurt her very badly by betraying her with another woman. Once I have tuned into someone I can usually get the close aura of others around them such as their partners and any potential old or new partners. These auras are usually romantically linked. There were two auras so this was a decision making time and I could see that she was close to walking away.

Once tuned into her partner I could also see the upset that he was hiding. He knew how she felt and he did not understand and was getting more and more annoyed. If he looked at a pair of boots another girl was wearing he would be accused of looking at the girl’s legs. All he was thinking that the boots would look good on his girl. In his opinion, he could not win. He had not done anything wrong but felt he could not carry on this relationship as she was pushing him away by the constant accusations.

I asked her to write him a letter as it was in my eyes a ‘make or break’ situation. In this letter, I told her to ask him for help. She wrote how she was betrayed before in a relationship and was feeling very insecure when he looked at other women. Also, that it is her problem but could he come with her to a relationship counsellor to help her get over the problem. Finally, I also asked that she reassures her partner on how she feels about him. It worked.

The reason why it worked is because when someone receives a positive letter they can read it and read it until like an electric light bulb it goes off in the head - Ah! that is what he or she means because they have had time to digest the letter. In addition, make sure there is not one negative word about your partner for them to mull over.

banner6[1]04For more details see page ‘Aura Readings’ from new Psychic Readings UK web site.

Decision making

I could write a book about relationships but when two people are growing apart it is easy for another person to get involved. This is the time when people do have affairs. Please no one is perfect and if you have an affair find out the reason why. Guilt is a terrible feeling which can ruin lives. I repeat no one is perfect. However, if anyone is trying to come to terms with a relationship and make major decisions try another simple solution.

guide103Before going to bed ask whoever you believe in your God or Angels to help you with a little exercise. On one side of a piece of paper write all the good points about your partner and the reasons why you should stay with him or her.

On the other side write down all the bad points of your partner and the reasons why you should leave and how would you feel without him or her. Sleep on it. In the morning have a look at what you have said - the answer should stare out at you. Pay attention to your dreams as it is spirit or your guide’s way of helping you. Maybe you cannot understand the dreams but your soul does.

Dreams can also be described as the way the conscious part of your brain talks to the sub conscious or left part talking to the right part. In addition, some people believe it is the way the brain sorts out events that has happened into the right folder and that is why the little saying; ‘if you have a problem sleep on it’ as the brain will sort it out.

Dream Analysis

dreams[1]I can only go by experience in this respect and although there are some very good Dream Analysis Dictionaries, I truly believe that the best person to interpret your dream is you. If it is your sub conscious doing the guiding or spirit or even spirit guide they will all draw on your own experiences.

For example

In one psychic reading a lady telephoned me very upset. In her dreams she was seeing mice dying on her bed. As she was dreaming of death her imagination was running riot and she thought the worst was going to happen.

I asked her what does she think of mice?

Her reply was that she hated them. The dream interpretation was easy. Death does not mean a death but the death of one part of her life and a brand new beginning. I then asked her what does she think of change. Again, she replied the same that she hated it. Her dream meant she hated change but change was coming and it doesn’t necessarily means for the bad but for the good.

When I undertake psychic readings I know that all forms of communication are used. Spirit regularly visit me in the night to guide me through a situation in my psychic readings not for myself but for others. This is why they say the best medium is one who has been through a lot of situations in life. Spirit are able to draw on those situations to give the similar situation in the person that you are undertaking the psychic reading for.

judy202An experienced psychic medium will understand this situation and know that the guidance is not for them but for the person they will be undertaking the psychic reading for. My little dog called Judy sees spirit and many a time she has woken me up in the middle of the night because there is a presence in the room. (A photograph of Judy is above - isn’t she gorgeous?) This may not necessarily be any spirit or guide connected to me but the spirit around you. They are the ones who know fully the situation and indeed in relationship problems I usually get both sides coming to visit me to give their guidance on the situation - my nights are sometimes busier than the daytime.

Example from spirit

On one occasion, I was woken up and the spirit in the room was a gentleman who looked like the old actors in a long dark coat and hat. I looked at him and I was fully conscious expecting him to say any moment:-

Here’s looking at you kid.’

The funny thing was that the image was in all shades of gray and black. He was not alone he had his moll with him. Again, this girl was all in gray and black except for one thing - bright red lips. The lipstick was a very bright red and it was obviously meant as a feature and with the two characters being so dull in gray and black the lipstick really stood out.

The next day I undertook a psychic reading and the young lady felt that her boyfriend was cheating on her. For one fleeting moment, I saw the scene from the night before and I described what I saw. The young lady explained to me out all the things I could have said or seen it was the red lipstick that made it so clear to her. Apparently, her boyfriend has a big thing about women wearing bright red lipstick almost to the point of an obsession. So you see spirit have a way of getting the message through and sometimes it is not always obvious to me as it is your message not mine.

Releasing old energies in the heart

th_251_big[1]One way of releasing old energies in the heart chakra is the crystal, Rose Quartz. They make lovely jewellery today out of rose quartz. Rose quartz brings in three qualities that are so badly needed; self love; self confidence; self worth. It also releases old energies in the heart chakra enabling you to move forward. Remember, by forgiving someone for their wrong thought, words and deeds towards you, helps you to be forgiven for your wrongdoing.

The deeds of today create the spiritual joys and sorrows of tomorrow.

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