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This was an evening of clairvoyance with Pam Pitten, Mike Davis and Jane McCarthy. Spirit orbs and orb photography by Christopher and Jane McCarthy

ladyorb[1]This interesting paranormal photograph shows a lady sitting in the back with a large spirit orb by her face with another face appearing in the orb. The evening was a great success raising a large sum of money for charity. There were over thirty paranormal photographs of orbs and everybody was able to see these photographs at the end of the evening.

glass1[1]This paranormal photograph shows an orb on a lady on the opposite side of the hall. Again, the orb is on the face. Please note that the lady in black is sitting next to the lady in white - there is no one sitting between them. Below is a close up of the orb.


orb61[1]02The paranormal photograph  has been slightly brightened for you to see the image inside. I believe that spirit travel via these dimensional doorways or orbs and sometimes emerge as full spirit figures.


Joan and her granddaughters held a psychic party at her flat in Ebbw Vale. Joan explained to me that her sister came over from New Zealand for a visit and was taken ill and tragically died. Imagine Joan’s delight to see the following paranormal spirit photograph which showed a spirit orb by the side of her as a message from spirit was given. The close up of the spirit orb photograph to the right hand side is slightly lightened and Joan was amazed to see her sister’s image inside.

joanorb[1]     joanorb1[1]

One of Joan’s granddaughters showed me a photograph of her sister and I had to admit there was a likeness. Thank you Joan for letting me into your home and meeting your lovely granddaughters God bless you.


The evening was very successful with many paranormal photographs. The following paranormal photograph shows a beautiful blue/turquoise orb taken during the service and by the side is a close up of the orb.

blueorb4[1]       orb33[1]



This was a very enjoyable evening with approximately forty people attending. The following paranormal photograph shows a blue orb next to a lady.

orb52[1]     orb15[1]



orb102[1]On this occasion, I will record part of the message given as this proves that it doesn’t matter when a person passes over they can communicate if the right circumstances allow. I was giving a message to the lady in the lighter colour top.

I gave her the name of St Thomas, a church, and the names of Mary and Joan. The lady explained that her mother Mary was attending a funeral service that day in St. Thomas’ church. Mary was at the funeral of her friend who had passed over called Joan. When I placed the photographs of the evening on the laptop the two ladies were surprised to see the above blue orb around them at the time of the message.

Thank you Newport SNU for a very warm welcome and the sandwiches which Chris and I ate on the way home. God bless you all.

More paranormal, orb & spirit orb photographs further down the page.

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I have many guides during a clairvoyant service and one of them is my dog that passed to spirit in April 2002 called ‘Beauty’ - please see page entitled ‘spirit stories’ for Beauty’s story. Beauty is now working with me from the other side and brings in pets for the people at services.

dog2[1]If you look in the orb picture to the left you may be able to see a dog. The Minister of this church, Mr. Huw Morgan, recognised his dog called ‘Bella’ in this orb when we placed the photographs onto the laptop after the service.

Huw stated that Bella used to run around the chairs of the church before and after services. Bella was a little black and tan terrier bitch and wore a pink collar just like the one shown in the orb.

dog21[1]This orb was taken on a psychic investigation into Ely, Cardiff. Can you see the dog inside the orb ?


Neath3[1]In the paranormal photograph to the right you can see a bright spirit orb. The paranormal photograph below shows a close up of the orb.

Neath4[1]At the time this paranormal photograph was taken I was giving a message from spirit to the two ladies in the front row. In the following paranormal photograph below the orb has now moved between these ladies

brittanyferry[1]   neath17[1]

The orb has been darkened for you to see inside.

I want to take this opportunity of thanking Neath Spiritualist church for their friendly welcome. Approximately seventy people attended this clairvoyant evening which was enjoyed by all. A lot of paranormal photographs were taken in the evening and the above are the better examples.

Church Service at Llanbradach Church

In the paranormal photograph below you can clearly see an orb on the left hand side. We have noticed that orbs are photographed on either the medium or the person receiving a message during services and clairvoyant demonstrations.

llanbradach7[1]   orb2_copy[1]

I love this paranormal photograph as it shows a manifestation above a lady’s head. This lady received a message from spirit during the service and news of a big family celebration. I would like to believe this was her present from spirit as the lady told me after the service it was her 80th birthday soon and a big party was being organized.


Photographs taken and copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013

For more paranormal photographs see page entitled ‘orbs’ and ‘paranormal photographs.

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