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ufo[1]03Sightings of UFOs, Photographs of UFOs and Sky Watches in the South Wales Area UK

‘Aliens do exist’ says U.S. Astronaut

Aliens exist and have tried to contact the human race according to an astronaut who has walked on the moon. Respected scientist Dr. Edgar Mitchell admitted he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA but they have been covered up. He went on to say that if they had been hostile visitors we would be gone by now.

‘There’s not much question at all that there’s life throughout the universe. We are not alone.’ (from Daily Mirror 24 July 2008)

Sky watch South Wales 30th May 2008

On a clear night a Sky watch was undertaken on the Sengenydd Mountain in South Wales which had startling results. Below is just two photographs taken which shows hundreds of orbs. 


Many photographs were taken that night showing one or two orbs but all of a sudden around 2.00 a. m. two bright light trails danced around us. The next photographs showed hundreds of orbs. You can see the end of these trails in the photograph (left) depicted in two bright orbs. Inside of these orbs were many different kinds of faces and dimensional scenes. Many photographs were taken at this time showing the fantastic display of orbs until all of a sudden they were gone again.


All of us were laughing and the atmosphere on top of that mountain was electric. However, the temperature was close to freezing and certainly below freezing in the wind chill. In May 2008, I was contacted by a reporter, called Rachel Cocker, who would like to come out with us to find out for herself what a Sky Watch was like. I thought of Sengenydd Mountain as this is a well know hotspot for UFOs. Below are some of the orbs from the above photographs enhanced.

orb17c[1]   orb8a1[1]02 orb142[1]02 orb19[1] orb151[1]02

More UFO news to come (2014)

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