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Spirit Orb From America

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If you recognise your paranormal orb photograph kindly email me so I can put your name to it. As you can imagine, I have hundreds of emails in this respect that I could devote hours in a day responding. Each and every paranormal photograph is important. I take sometimes hours looking through enhancing them so I can see inside in order that I can give people the proof they need. Over the years, due to the success of the web sites this volume of traffic has increased so much that I am now unable to devote time to my research work and helping those that really do need my help so I intend to put only certain orbs, and spirit orbs photographs on this page.

The following orbs or spirit orbs were taken during a lunar eclipse.

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The orb photograph below was taken in June 2007 by Mr Peter Turvey from Telford in Shropshire who gave kind permission for it to be published. Mr Turvey had never taken a paranormal photograph of an orb before and was quite amazed to see this orb in a photograph he had taken on holiday in Rhodes.

caveorb1[1]       caveorb2[1]

Above is a close up of the orb and you can clearly see faces inside. Mr Turvey and his wife visited the cross on the mountain and took this paranormal photograph in ruins close by. Thank you both for sending it on to me. The paranormal photograph below shows an orb on a door.

bodminjail1[1]Below is a close up of the orb


This paranormal photograph above was kindly sent in by Dale Parfitt and was taken in Bodmin Jail! Thank you Dale for allowing us to use your great paranormal orb photograph. I want to thank everybody for their fantastic paranormal photographs that you have forwarded to me.

orb8a[1]02A big thank you to Dakota for the paranormal orb photograph shown left. Also thank you for your patience. This fantastic paranormal photograph shows an orb over the heart chakra.

orb83[1]The heart chakra I see as all shades of pink and green. This lady is strong for others always being there for them when they are sad and happy and works with the emotions which is the colour of the orb. This paranormal orb photograph was taken in America.

orb71[1]This dimensional orb was sent in by Janet who is worried about her 22 year old daughter. When spirit come in close they can make us shiver. Please pay attention to what you are saying or thinking as spirit are telling you that it is ‘spot on’ when you get that shiver. The dimensional orb shows a building which is a spiritual place but may not be on this world. Note the doorway with red on either side. Other paranormal orbs taken in the same photograph had a purple/lilac aura which depicts high spiritual energy. You have nothing to worry about Janet as this energy and guides around you are wonderful and very positive.

Photographs of Hathor by Matthew Delooze

The paranormal photograph, is of a statue of Hathor. Below is a close up showing two orbs or spirit orbs.

hathor0ne_1__copy[1]       hathor3b[1]

You can clearly make out the different colours round the lower orb. I have not enhanced this photograph yet but want to make a point first. The orange to the top and purple to the bottom I have had many similar orbs with this colour system from the same places. Below is a photograph that I show at some of my talks depending on what the subject is to give you an example.

orbs3[1]02What you are seeing here is the energy line on the abbey which shows the same colour. I truly believe that the orbs arrive via these lines or travel down them and that is why the same colour. These orbs are usually found around people who understand the energy system like the monks in the olden days. Not all abbeys show this kind of system colour because not all monks understood how to work with the energy system. If you read my psychic investigation with the monk who actually tried to stop an event happening to himself in the future you will understand that these monks manipulated time and were able to see into the future. Read ‘Psychic Investigation (7)’ in


The colours combined ie the purple and orange I consider as the spiritual teachers and understood more than anybody the energy system which was cosmic and that leads on very nicely to the orb that came with it which was cosmic. This is a doorway and I feel cosmic. If you look on my page ‘orbs and dimensions’ you will see something similar and an explanation. I feel out of all of them this one is important. Remember what I said about manipulation of time with these teachers.

hathar1[1]Left, is a close up orb photograph from another paranormal photograph of the statue Hathor taken by Matthew Delooze. There are many unusual figures and structures inside including figures and faces. Note the many crosses in the orb photograph which I believe is high energy and therefore spiritual. However, I feel this is also dimensional.

hathor4[1]Another orb again dimensional which comes from the same paranormal photograph and therefore may have come from the same place. You can clearly see the figures in this one and reminds me of a place where many people come to view objects like a museum. Why should we think that only us in this dimension would like to see these objects - maybe there is a portal to another place or dimension that is also viewing the statue of Hathor at the same time. It certainly looks like a viewing portal - what do you think?

hathor3c[1]I have had orbs like this before in places of interest. A big thank you for Matthew for sharing his paranormal photographs and agreeing to show them on this site. Matthew has written many books on a variety of subjects.

Photographs of Hathor copyright Matthew Delooze 2008

Photograph of energy line and orb copyright Jane McCarthy 2011

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