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Energy lines crisscross the earth like a spiders web and where they come together they are called energy centres.

I have noticed that the energy centres once healed and working increase paranormal activity as they raise the energy vibration. The balanced energies increase paranormal photographs such as orbs – please see pages entitled ‘orbs, orbs (2), orbs (3) and orbs and dimensions.’  Paranormal photographs of the earth and earth energy lines show different colours just like the energy centres or chakras of the aura of any living creature. I believe they are the chakra system of the earth.

The paranormal photograph to the left shows a spiritual energy line which was taken approximately twenty yards from our local church. The dot of light is the street light. I have worked with the energy lines for roughly twenty years and initially I located them by dowsing on an ordnance survey map and then drew them in. Where several earth energy lines crossed this was an energy centre. By dowsing on the land you can tell the number of energy lines in the energy centre and their thickness.

The earth energy line photograph to the right shows a similar colour as the one above but in daylight. These energy lines are not necessarily straight or ground level as you can see. On the ordnance survey map, the earth energy lines usually come together at ancient monuments, churches or abbeys. These are the places where people gathered to give thanks to their God or Gods. In olden days this happened during ceremonial services around the clock of nature such as summer and winter solstice when the energies are naturally high.   

The photograph above on the left hand side shows an ancient monument over 5,000 years old. This is an ancient Megalithic Burial Chamber and to read more on the chamber please see page:-

The paranormal photograph to the right hand side was taken the same day by Mike and shows the energy line going into the burial chamber which is now pure white inside. I believe that this ancient site is an energy centre. The pure white energy you are seeing in the centre of the chamber is the actual energy centre. However, some sites were lost and only now are beginning to be located again. Therefore, I believe that this is maybe old knowledge that has been lost and only beginning to be regained through  research work. The known ancient monument sites which are energy centres don’t usually need healing but those located at obscure points on the ordnance survey map do.

In the paranormal photograph (left) Mike was lucky enough to capture on camera photographic proof and never been seen before the healing of an energy centre. The second paranormal photograph below was taken seconds later.

Notice that I am standing on the energy centre during the healing process and the circular burst of energy released being the colour red. Red is the sign in the human chakra system of vitality or energy. It is the root chakra.

The paranormal photograph of an energy line to the right hand side was taken two weeks later not far from the original healing approximately two miles from the site above. It shows the earth energy line now healed and flowing properly. Dedicated and experienced land healers balance the energy lines and energy centres. This work has been undertaken for years by people who are taught within the healing society usually by word of mouth. This is how I learnt.

Healing of these earth energy lines should only be undertaken by experienced healers as it can cause adverse effects such as sickness ie flu symptoms. When I dowse an energy centre after it has been healed the number of earth energy lines have usually increased. This would suggest that on healing the energy centres the balanced earth energy lines are now flowing as they should therefore releasing any blockage which would naturally increase the number of energy lines.

Healing of these earth energy lines is important as unbalanced energy lines cause problems. My own Doctor has noted that in one certain residential area there is a high proportion of cancer patients. The cancer is indiscriminate effecting both healthy and unhealthy people who have moved into this area. He truly believes that it is the area that is the problem and not the people.

The following article appeared in The Daily Telegraph in 2003:-


On 10th August 2003, The Daily Telegraph reported ‘Druids have been brought in to reduce the number of accidents on Austria’s worst stretch of autobahn.  The Druids have put up huge roadside monoliths to restore the natural flow of the ‘earth energy.’  After the massive pillars of white quartz were put up beside a notorious stretch of road during a two year trial, the unber of fatal accidents fell from a stretch of six a year to zero.’

The energy flow is important and can cause problems on the land.

In most of my psychic investigations I work out the energy lines on an ordnance survey map and to the left hand side you can see the one I worked on for one of my psychic investigations (5) which can be found in the sister site: It become quite clear early on that there were many energy centres around the Tredegar House Hotel. Two dowsed negative and may be the reason why so much paranormal activity. Rob, the owner, confirmed on seeing the worked ordnance survey map that the hotel was between the energy centres that dowsed negative and if you look on the map you can see the name ‘Llechryd.’ The hotel is situated on the letter ‘L’ on the energy line between the two negative energy centres. Eric who lives locally confirmed with Rob that the one energy centre was the cemetery which had recently been sold to a property developer. Indeed, some work may have already started and this disturbance would have increased the spirit activity in the local area. This needed clearing and fast before any more developing was undertaken.

The research work into the connection between the earth energy lines, orbs dimensions and UFOs along with the orb theory, paranormal photographs and orb photographs and the teachings from spirit are giving freely on this Psychic Investigators web site – to help support the work have a psychic reading:-

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There are some ‘hot spots’ on the land which are unexplainable and unfortunately are unable to be healed. Whatever man does to the earth seems to effect the energy, for example, when I dowse a power station on the ordnance survey map it shows negative. No matter how many times it is healed it will always reverse back to negative. Today, there is even some speculation that pylons emit harmful energies and research work has been progressing in this direction. A study in 2005 called The Draper Report showed that the risk of serious ill health effects especially of childhood leukaemia which was looked at increased for people living within 600 metres of high voltage power lines. Please go to web site for more on this story and more articles on this subject.

Living near to power lines has once again been linked to an increased risk of getting caner. A new (2009) Italian study looking at the health of people living near a 60kV power line in Rome has found an increase in all cancers amongst people living near the line for more than 30 years. For those with the highest exposure, there was a significant increase in all cancers, primary and secondary cancers and a doubling in those suffering from diseases involving blood circulation.

In addition, there has been a recent report into phone masts. The most commonly reported adverse effect of mast radiation is electrical hypersensitivity. Symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, nosebleeds, sleep disorders and hearing problems. In a study of 1,000 residents living near masts in a German village, researchers found that the proportion of newly diagnosed cancer cases was significantly higher among patients who had lived within 400 metres of the mast for the past 10 years compared to those living further away. After mapping ill health clusters on radiation fields, Dr John Walker, of West Midlands, believes the clusters are too many to be due to chance and is related to the strength of radiation.

The Police Federation of England and Wales commissioned a scientist, called Barrie Trower, to produce a report into the Tetra Masts. This confidential report explains the dangers of this type of lethal mast and how it can effect you. Tetra uses microwave technology. This controversial report was published by Barrie Trower to the internet – to read this report go to link Article in the Sunday Express dated 7th February 2010 states:-

‘Dozens of police forces are facing compensation claims from officers over radios they say make them ill and have been blamed for the death of one officer from cancer. It is understood claims are pending against other forces over the controversial Airwave equipment police use to contact each other via their tetra radio.’

The police federation were aware of the dangers of using tetra technology prior to their use – please see Barrie Trower’s report link above.

It is interesting to note that in this report it asks what is the safety level of electromagnetic radiation which is set down by the National Radiological Protection Board or NRPB. Britain is now governed by the laws of the International rules and regulations (ICNIRP) which should have come into force in 2008. However, the scientists state that unfortunately these have not been carried out and the masts radiation limit have still not been ‘turned down’ to conform with those regulations.

After reading Barrie Trower’s report I noted that it stated that the young are particularly susceptible to the EMF radiation and two of the symptoms are paranoia and suicide tendencies. I decided to check the 26 suicide cases in Bridgend where all the young people lived in connection to the masts. I have undertaken church services in Bridgend for 15 years and members of the church agreed to help me. I told the South Wales Echo in June 2008 of my plans along with a major magazine. The following week it made front page news in the Sunday Express where a scientist called Dr Roger Coghill stated that all the young people in Bridgend had lived 400 to 500 metres from masts. Dr Coghill went on to say that it may have not been the main cause but a contributory factor.


A third generation mast (3G) or UMTS can transit more quickly so that users of the new generation mobile phone can download from the internet. This means a Higher Microwave Carrier Frequency is needed and hence more radiation emitted from the base masts. This technology uses PULSED MICROWAVE SIGNALS which are known to have an adverse effect on human cell division. The only difference between a tetra mast and 3G mast is the frequency.

After reading and talking to many of the scientists and technicians I have come to the conclusion that it is a general break down of the immune system. Unlike mobile phones which can be switched off these mobile phone masts cannot and bombard you 24/7 with radiation. That is why the cancers are indiscriminate as they attack the weak points in the body. So it depends on your own health and well being how long it will take the cancers and tumors to grow. However, I have noted in many of the reports of cancer clusters around the masts it does take years. Another report giving scientific research can be found

We can help ourselves by reducing EMF radiation emissions from your house. My feelings are as long as your body is allowed to regenerate or heal through the normal sleeping pattern you will probably be alright. Therefore use protective coverings to eliminate any EMF radiation emissions from your bedroom.

I can only go by my own experience. I used my bluetooth laptop computer in the nights and I also had DECT cordless telephones which I had used for years. There were EMF radiation emissions from two 3G masts upstairs in my front bedroom and in the back bedroom there were not only emissions from four major mobile masts and 3G masts but also a tetra mast. To hear the different signals from these masts I suggest you visit this link:- and go to webpage ‘listen to the wireless world.’

The 3G masts have only been put up in the last year in my community. I have been lucky enough to have good health for ten years as I really look after myself ie diet and exercise. However, I have been physically ill twice this year. This year I had noticed that I was not sleeping very well waking up regularly in the night and that I could no longer concentrate. I was getting more and more agitated and was feeling very low, tired and depressed to the point were I saw my doctor. I decided to replace all my DECT phone with cord phones and have reduced the use of any bluetooth or wireless device. I have now protected my back and front bedrooms.

The result has been amazing. Within six weeks most of the symptoms have disappeared. This is the reason why I am writing this because it has made a big different to my life and the best investment was a EMF radiation emission detector.

The Stewart Committee advises our Government in respect of radiation emissions. However, even this scientist will not allow his children to use mobile phones. In addition, our Government was paid 22.5 billion pounds by the mobile phone companies for a licence to put up the 3G network over our cities. There are many scientists working in this field all over the world. Our cities are covered with EMF smog and it may be the cause of the rising violence. Who knows maybe the knife culture of the young today may be the victims of something far more sinister. Anyway back to the energy lines.

This is a paranormal photograph of Mike on his stairs. Mike has known there was an energy line running on the sixth step and here is the proof. It also proves that it cannot be light entering the camera. Mike has worked with the energy lines for years and knew the energy line was there. The window is situated at the top of the stairs and the curtain is closed. To avoid any more light interference it was taken at night.

The paranormal energy centre photograph, left, was taken in my hall many years ago. It shows the energy centre as the same colour as the one above except the coloured lines are not as thick. There is no light source by the energy centre. I knew that the energy centre was in the hall which I wrote about in my book published in 1997. To read about Ann’s story go to web page entitled ‘Near Death experience.’

The paranormal photograph of an energy line to the left is another example but outdoors. In the human chakra system the naval chakra’s colour is orange and is next to the solar plexus, (colour yellow). I believe that the photographs of the energy lines are showing the earth’s chakra system. Although the thickness and definition of the colours are different the position of the colours are the same.

This paranormal photograph shows the energy line inside a well known haunted pub in Wales called ‘The Skirrid Inn’ which is close to a ruined abbey. This pub is the oldest pub in Wales and is well documented as being a Courthouse in 111O. The paranormal photograph of the energy line to the right hand side is of the stairwell where the beam was used for hanging people. It is far easier to take a photograph of an energy line where the energies have been healed.

Most of these energy lines have been taken in an area where it has taken approximately two years to clear and balance the energies. The healing of the energy lines is an ongoing practice in the area as it can easily revert back to being unbalanced. I have also noticed that many major energy centres appear to be places that overlook a lot of land. The paranormal photograph energy line (right) shows a mountain top that overlooks three counties & the post depicts this fact.

A lot of UFO activity takes place on top of mountains where the major energy centres are and if you look in the web site page ‘UFOs’ you will see some very unusual paranormal and UFO photographs taken in the same place as the energy line photograph to the right hand side. This blue energy line photograph was taken on the 7th June 2004

As I believe that this is the universal energy system it makes sense that any visitors to our solar system would understand and therefore use this energy. It has been noticed that there is a lot of UFO activity around mountains and I believe that the reason for this is that they are in a sense refueling.

This can be seen by the unusual paranormal photograph to the left. You can clearly see a beam of light coming down to the mountain energy centre and a light over it. At the same location on the same day a UFO photograph were taken. You can clearly see Chris at the bottom of the paranormal photograph to the left hand side and this gives you some idea how large the light source is on the mountain top energy centre. This paranormal photograph was taken on the 7th June 2004 in the same place as the blue energy line (please see page ‘UFOs’ for photographs) sense refueling

The paranormal photograph to the right was taken at the site of the bombed remains of the old cathedral in Coventry. The energy is a pure white spiritual energy line. People have researched the energy lines for a long time and it is only now that paranormal photographs are emerging proving that perhaps this could be the chakra system of the earth. It makes sense that the living creatures on the earth should represent the place they live and have the same kind of energy system.

The paranormal energy line photograph to the left hand side was taken at Llangollen Abbey in September 2005. To read more about the abbey please click on website:- In most energy lines, I have noticed that colour is usually on the outside and brilliant white inside.

Orbs travel down the energy lines and I have noted similar coloured orbs in the same area- Please see web page entitled ‘orbs.’ The one shown (left) I consider as monks or the spiritual teachers of the energy system who understood and manipulated time.

By raising the energy you can open doorways to record perhaps the future like perhaps Nostradamus. Please read Psychic Investigation number 7 in my sister web site: in which a monk tried to stop an event by opening doorways in the future. Close up of an orb (left) taken on that psychic investigation.

The paranormal photograph left was taken whilst we were on holiday in Menorca and shows the healing of an energy centre inside a bar converted from an old windmill. Two months prior to going on holiday I had a strange dream that was so vivid and unbelievable I remembered it. I dreamt of a white windmill on the corner of a busy crossroads.

I remembered being annoyed because I couldn’t walk past on the narrow pavement due to tables and chairs located outside the windmill! At the time of the dream we had no idea that we were going on holiday as it was a late booking and what was available in the end as to where we went. Left is a photograph of the windmill.

There doesn’t seem to be any restriction on the height or direction of the energy lines. In the paranormal photographs of the energy lines they are above the earth’s surface and perhaps they are also below the earth’s surface too. This research work is ongoing to prove that these energy lines are the chakra system of the earth. This suggests that the earth itself is a living creature. To take this one step further, if this criss-crossing of the energy lines is completely around the earth what is stopping them crossing over the voids and vacuums of space. If this is the case, perhaps these energy lines do not conform to what is known as science today. Could this possibly be the universal energy system? Could this be the reason why this planet is deemed so important by the universe as anything that effects this planet could ultimately effect others because of the common energy system

Everything contains the same energy system. Just like our physical DNA code there could also be an energy code for every living thing.

New book not yet published:-

‘The Connection between Energy Lines, The Orb Phenomenon, Dimensions and UFOs.’ by Jane S McCarthy – 2007

Go to page entitled ‘orbs’ to see the connection between the energy lines and orbs.

Copyright and photographs copyright Jane McCarthy 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

Web page ‘Energy lines, Energy line photographs and Energy Centre’ – Psychic Investigators 2014

Energy lines and energy centres photographs are unique. However, on undertaking church services etc many people have come up to Chris and myself with other energy line photographs that they have taken. The energy lines they felt as most were dowsers. The energy lines were healed and therefore the people taking the energy line photographs were healers who understood the energy system. Their energy line photographs were very similar to our own. Energy lines cover the earth and it is not a surprise to find that the Indians knew the energy system and also saw the energy lines and energy centres.

The research work into the connection between the earth energy lines, orbs dimensions and UFOs along with the orb theory, paranormal photographs and orb photographs and the teachings from spirit are giving freely on this Psychic Investigators web site – to help support the work have a psychic reading:-

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