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Orbs seem to be doorways but has yet to be proved that this is spirit, dimensional or something else unknown at the present time. However, orbs seem to travel much more easily where the energy lines have been healed. Chris has captured orbs on video camera where small pin points of light are moving very fast. When these moving orbs are captured on a stills camera they can appear in all shapes and sizes with some brighter than others. I believe, that when orbs are appearing they seem more transparent and brighter when fully materialized.

The paranormal orb photograph (left) you can see an orb in our garden taken late evening. Below is a close up of the orb and an energy line photograph. Notice the same colour on the outside of the orb photograph and the energy line. What is remarkable is that the two paranormal photographs were taken 50 yards apart. It stands to reason that there is a connection here. I have also noticed that these colour orbs are detected around abbeys, churches and ancient sites.

This is pure speculation, but maybe the orb travels down the respective line until reaching the desired destination. Left is a close up of an orb taken during a sky watch July 2006 that seems to confirm this and read story of ‘Beauty’ in page ‘spirit stories’ which gives another example of this. In addition, balls of light have been seen over crop fields where crop circles have appeared. I confirm that I have also picked up this spiraling action in crop circles – see page entitled ‘paranormal photos’ for details.

To view spirit orbs moving on video film click on the camera.  This short paranormal video was taken at the site of a psychic investigation into paranormal spirit orb activity. To view more paranormal videos go to:- 

This paranormal photograph was taken on the psychic investigation into the Kooler’s Night club. Notice the moving spirit orb above Chris as he looks at his camera. This amazing still paranormal photograph shows how quickly these orbs can move. To view more paranormal photographs from that psychic investigation please go to (Number 9) Kooler’s Nightclub Kirkhouse, Merthyr Tydfil at:-

Left is a close up of Chris to see the moving orb.  I see these spirit orbs in all shapes, sizes and colours moving around us all the time and have done for years with the naked eye.  I am now getting emails from others who are also seeing these spirit orbs with the naked eye.

I proved this fact with the BBC whilst filming a psychic investigation into Penhow Castle. I saw a spirit orb move to the top of a bed and whilst the BBC were filming Chris took a paranormal photograph of the spirit orb. In the filmed psychic investigation Chris showed the photograph straight away as proof. You can read more about this psychic investigation in:- 

It does seem that there is a conscious mind behind the orbs. By looking more closely into the spirit orbs sometimes there does appear to be faces. The following paranormal orb photograph shows a picture of an oak tree taken in our local park that residents confirm is over 800 years old. This paranormal spirit orb photograph was taken at dusk and it clearly shows a white spirit orb in the centre of the branches. To the right is a paranormal photograph which shows a close up of the spirit orb in the tree. The face inside the spirit orb is quite obvious and note that the branch of the tree is clearly defined behind it. Another close up spirit orb picture appears underneath showing again what appears to be a face.


I undertake church services, demonstrations, workshops and conferences where Chris takes photographs during the session.

We place those photographs onto a laptop at the end of the service etc to show the photographs straight away proving no interference. The paranormal spirit orb photograph to the left shows an example which was taken during a Charity Clairvoyant Demonstration.

The close up paranormal spirit orb photograph (left) is the blown up spirit orb above. This close up has been lightened for you to see the inside of the spirit orb more clearly – can you see faces? In the pages of this web site and our web site Psychic Investigations you will find orb photographs taken from our psychic investigations and clairvoyant services. There appears to be a variety of orb photographs.

Orbs of different shapes, sizes and colours. I have noted that the spirit orbs are attracted to the medium during these clairvoyant demonstrations. Spirit orb (left) was taken during a clairvoyant demonstration in Newbridge on the 7th August 2008. Below (left) shows me speaking at the Irish International Conference in September 2007 and below (right) at a clairvoyant demonstration in South Wales. 

In addition, I have also noticed that some of these spirit orbs have the same markings. The spirit orb photograph (left) was taken during a workshop at Cwm Spiritualist Church where over a 100 people attended.

Notice the two small circular markings and what appears to be like a zip down the bottom of the orb photograph.  The paranormal photograph below shows an orb with the same markings. This orb photograph was taken on the 1st April 2004 at Newport SNU Church during a clairvoyant evening. The paranormal orb photograph by the side was taken in Toronto, Canada on the 30 May 2004 – notice the same markings. It was taken in a church and shows the trainer shoe of a boy by the side of a pew.

Now note the same markings on the paranormal orb photographs. Below is an orb photograph showing the round circle on the orb open and something coming out like an appendage.

Above is a close up of the round circle showing something coming out. This orb photograph was taken on a sky watch in July 2006. Below is a paranormal orb photograph taken on the 30 August 2003 at Rendlesham Forest. However, what is interesting is that this appendage is attaching itself to the forehead of the gentleman. I believe this is how communication is taking place.

There are many paranormal orb photographs that Chris and I have taken where there are orbs on the medium who are giving messages during the time the picture is taken. In the close up of the orb photograph below you can see an appendage coming out of the orb This will probably explain why the circle and zip markings are on the orb photographs above. Below (Left) right hand side is the paranormal orb photograph of our back garden and you can see our dog, a twelve month terrier, called Judy. If you look closely you can see an orb above her.

A close up of that orb is shown above where an appendage is coming out of the circle. The next step is quite worrying and I have already had a couple of experiences that prove my work is now changing.

I wrote about one experience in my book where a large orb or dimensional tunnel opened up and a figure proceeded to come down the tunnel into the bedroom. Left is an example of an orb exactly like I saw with the circles getting bigger. The giant orb was almost as big as the window and the figure coming out of it was human, in a strange outfit, but as physical as you and I.

Chris and I are now starting to take photos of these large orbsThe paranormal photograph (Left) shows a large orb in my back garden taken in the same place as the one of Judy above. If you look carefully you can see smaller orbs coming out of the larger one.

In the paranormal photograph taken seconds later you will still see some of the smaller orbs but the bigger one is now gone. Could this be a star gate? On a psychic investigation, a giant orb like this was seen in the bedroom of a teenager who knew it was there as he too could see them. I believe that the larger orbs are the cosmic doorways. I saw the background of the garden move as if there was a large being in the garden disguised as part of the garden. A little bit like the film ‘Predator.’

This paranormal photograph shows a large orb in a Spanish Cathedral which was taken in the afternoon. At the time I was receiving a message for someone. Please note that orbs can appear at any time of the day. In addition, any type or make of camera can be used to take paranormal photographs such as orbs as you can see below.

In the paranormal spirit orb photograph (left) it shows a white spirit orb on a lady’s face. If you look carefully you will see a face in the middle of the two ladies. A fuller paranormal spirit orb photograph appears in page ‘Spirit Photographs 2’ but it shows that spirit figures can materialize out of the orbs. Chris is taking more and more of these spirit orb photographs which proves that this is a learning curve with spirit as it constantly changes. In addition, we have now had another similar photograph to prove that they are materializing out of the spirit orbs. Look closely at the two spirit orbs on the stairs below. The one to the right shows a small dot of an orb with the face by the side. The second one I have tried to clear up for you to see the face more clearly.

This paranormal photograph was taken from our psychic investigation into Rhymney House Hotel.

The following paranormal orb photograph was taken in our back garden in September 2003 and shows a blue orb. If you look through this web site you will see orbs of many colours, shape and size. This paranormal photograph was taken with a Nikon D100 (SLR Digital) camera and has captured the orb moving. The paranormal photograph by the side is a close up of the moving orb.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the orbs may well be one of the most significant “outside of this reality” phenomena mankind has ever witnessed.” — Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D ‘This quote comes from an article written in the Daily Mail in July 2007.

ORB THEORY – by Jane S McCarthy

Chris is a skeptic and scrutinizes all the paranormal photographs and paranormal activity and tries to find a physical explanation. Therefore, I only place the paranormal and orb photographs on this web site which he cannot find another explanation for the phenomenon such as dust, rain, snow etc

Balancing the energy lines and energy centres increase paranormal activity such as orbs. Orbs can increase where there is high energy vibrations. On a recent Psychic Investigation in Cardiff, which was ancient ground where a large battle had taken place, within a matter of a few minutes spirit orbs arrived in mass proving that there may be a conscious mind at work. Below the first paranormal photograph shows just one or two spirit orbs and the second taken minutes later show dozens.

The spirit orbs were taken on the site of the battle which had taken place in the year 1648.

See web site  and go to Psychic Investigations (6) to find out more details about the battle and investigation.  Looking more clearly into the spirit orbs showed different scenes which could be described from that battle ie the way the soldiers were dressed and the fact that a large number of horses were used.

If you look closely into one example of those spirit orbs (see far left hand side) you can see a hooded figure and the shape of a horse by his side.

In the spirit orb (left) it shows a group of people and was taken on another of our psychic investigations. Tredegar House Hotel was one of the largest houses in a small village and used to belong to the Manager of the ironworks. Could this possibly be his family group?

I believe that these spirit orbs are snapshots of the past. If you hold a piece of string tight between your hands it is straight. If you consider this as time, it is linear. However, I have been taught by my guides that time is not linear.

Consider that the piece of string now goes up and down into loops (see left) Therefore, time is shown as bending going up and down into loops. If you take a snapshot from the top of one loop to the other, time has now traveled on. You could take a snapshot of the past or of the future. Time has to travel down the loop to the previous loop or to the next loop for this to happen.

At high energy times, these doorways could open and for one magical moment you could capture a glimpse of our past or even more fascinating of the future. Please see page entitled ‘energy lines’ for explanation of high energy times. The close up of an orb to the left was taken in Rogerstone, Gwent and shows a building inside – could this possibly be a snapshot of our past or future? The whole area is a well known Roman area and close to the famous Roman fort and amphitheatre in Caerleon.

One year on and the following close up of an orb was taken at a charity event in Newbridge May 2006. Inside this orb you can see a similar building to the one above. Rogerstone is approximately fifteen miles from Newbridge. Is the connection between the two the place, or is it the people?

To the left is a spirit orb taken in July 2006 and if you look carefully you can see another building at the top which looks like a castle. Above is the ‘castle’ blown up. This spirit orb photograph was taken during a workshop in Newbridge. A visitor to our area stayed with us in September 2006 and we visited Castle Coch which also looks remarkably like it.

A photograph of this castle is shown to the left. To see more on this castle go to:- www.castleuk.net/castle_lists_wales/171/castellcoch.htm Did the orb above show in a doorway a glimpse of the future?

These doorways can open up anywhere. On the left is a close up of a spirit orb which is an obvious doorway as you can see the bottles on the shelves to the left hand side of the orb. This spirit orb photograph was taken on our psychic investigation into Penhow Castle – see sister site to see more on that investigation.

To the left is part of an spirit orb taken at our new psychic investigation into the Studio Bar in Merthyr Tydfil. This orb photograph was taken in March 2008.

What you are seeing here is the energy line on the abbey which shows the same colour. I truly believe that the spirit orbs arrive via these lines or travel down them and that is why the same colour. These spirit orbs are usually found around people who understand the energy system like the monks in the olden days. Not all abbeys show this kind of system colour because not all monks understood how to work with the energy system.

If you read my psychic investigation (7) in web site:-

  with the monk who actually tried to stop an event happening to himself in the future you will understand that these monks manipulated time and were able to see into the future. The colours combined ie the purple and orange I consider as the spiritual teachers and understood more than anybody the energy system and were able to see the past or future like Nostradamus by raising the vibration and opening the doorways.

Some are dimensional orbs opening up in other worlds. Left, is an orb photographed at a clairvoyant demonstration in Newbridge. The latest dimensional orbs have been really unusual.  I truly believe the inside moved on more than one occasion. You can find photographs in page entitled ‘orbs 2.’ I have been advised that these dimensional orbs are in the future. Maybe they are on a higher vibrational level that we have yet to learn.

The research work, orb theory, paranormal photographs, spirit orbs and orb photographs etc along with the teachings from spirit are giving freely on this Psychic Investigators site – to help support the work have a psychic reading:-

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Another spirit orb photograph taken in Rogerstone below. I have also learnt that by cleaning up the spirit orbs you are able to see more clearer the inside. Below is a paranormal photograph of Lucy with an spirit orb just by her head. To the side of the paranormal photograph are two pictures of the spirit orbs showing

It is not just one make of camera that captures orb photographs. The following paranormal photograph was taken by an ordinary 35 mm camera (non digital).

This amazing photograph was taken by Arthur Stevens of Newport in the Friends Spiritual Church. We undertake research work into the locations under investigation and note that some old photographs have mists and orbs on.

Certain spiritual people and those who have worked with the energy tend to see the orbs and these people can usually take photographs of them. As mentioned before, no special camera is needed and it does not have to be digital as I have taken a photograph of my son with an ordinary 38 mm camera in my hall only to find when the photographs are developed there is one with an orb on him.


I have enlarged this orb for you to see all the faces inside. This orb photograph was taken on one of our psychic investigations and you can read about this in the sister site for psychic investigations under number 8. Below shows the orb above the grave. Right is a close up of the light part of the orb in order for you to see the faces more clearly. This fantastic orb photograph was taken by Margaret Gatehouse on the 25th May 2007.

Note that not all orb photographs are necessarily paranormal photographs as some could be pollen, bits of dust, rain or moisture in the air. However, the paranormal photographs on this site are the ones that cannot be explained. Some people see these orbs with the naked eye and this Chris and I have proved many a time. I wrote about seeing ‘dinner plates’ on the ceiling of my bedroom in my book published in 1997.

This research work by Jane is ongoing and any new information on orbs will be placed in this page (orb theory) and pages entitled ‘orbs, orbs (Page 2), or orbs and dimensions.’

Written copyright Jane McCarthy – Page ‘Orbs and Orb Theory.’

Photographs copyright Christopher and Jane McCarthy 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 – Psychic Investigators 2014

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